Bean-to-Cup coffee machines for staff

Since 3 January 2011, we have started replacing all the old coffee machines across the University with new models.

Following a Europe-wide tendering round, contracts have been signed with supplier Maas International, who will be needing around three weeks to replace all the machines.

Bean-to-Cup coffee — freshly ground and chosen by each user

Bean-to-Cup is the new way to make coffee: each cup is percolated from freshly-ground beans. Even the fun coffees, such as cappuccino and café au lait, are made from fresh beans. To deliver this, the machines boast super-quick grinders.

The staff of each building separately are offered the opportunity to sit on tasting panels, which will be indicating their preference for two varieties of coffee. As such, we would like to offer you both of these options. These are:

  • Full & Robust (Kapeh-Utz certified) and

  • Intense & Powerful (EKO and Max Havelaar certified).

Full & Robust is pleasantly smooth, yet nice and full, with character. The short, intense roasting of these beans ensures a coffee that you can keep drinking all day.

Intense & Powerful denotes an organic espresso bean that is roasted long but gently. This produces a mighty coffee with a nice creamed layer: the choice for aficionados of coffee with a kick, and for exam season.

We will be keeping tabs until summer vacation on which of these beans is more of a hit with drinkers, and will then make our final choice — either one of these varieties, or possibly staying with both.

The coffee variety in each machine is indicated on the display above the control panel.

Extra-convenient payment using any method

Vending prices for all warm drinks are being reduced. From now on, payment can be made by chip, with cash or using a free token issued to the drinker — in the latter case, a card will enable billing to be sent to each department or budget-holder. Using the same card, you can obtain coffee at staff prices from any of the students' coffee machines.

Cold water

Out with the unhygienic water-coolers in the corridors. Topping up your drink is no longer necessary either. You can simply tap cold water from the machine. The filtered water from these machines meets the stringent quality requirement of the Nederlandse Drinkwaterbesluit — the highest hygiene standard set by national drinking water legislation. Never bother with unhygienic sink taps or polluted supply hoses! This water is always clean, refreshing and cool.

Quality Scan

Quality scans ensure that adjustments have been set properly and that the machines are delivering consistent quality. To this end, it has been agreed with our supplier that the machines should not be malfunctioning more than 2% of the time. The up-time will be recorded for each machine separately.

Full operating principle — no-worries enjoyment

The new machines work on the 'full operating' principle, meaning that Maas International takes care of the entire coffee service for you. The supplier provides all the components of your coffee machine comprehensively. So, thanks to this service model, you will no longer have to replenish the coffee, sugar sticks, creamer or cups yourself. Obviously, technical servicing, electrical connections and cleaning and maintenance are also taken care of in this service model. In essence: no-worries enjoyment of tasty coffee.

If you would like a coffee machine to be installed, please call extn 3288.

Sustainability in the tendering

Both the machines and the coffee itself meet the tough requirements of socially responsible business. The coffee beans now provided bear a hallmark of approval for sustainable coffee — Max Havelaar or Utz Certified. Both of these marks represent sustainability in production, with consideration given to socio-economic factors.  

Last Modified: 11-01-2013