New: pay with cards at coffee machines

You can buy a fresh cup of coffee at any hour of the day without having to worry about maintenance. From now on, staff at Leiden University can pay at the coffee machines with two types of cards.

Afdelingskaart - SAP-number

Using an afdelingskaart (departmental card), you can make purchases from all hot drinks machines. Payment will be settled in arrears with the departmental budget via a monthly invoice. Using the same card, you can obtain drinks at staff prices from any of the students' machines. This card can be useful for departments who want to supply staff with free coffee, but do not have the type of machines that can issue free drinks, or for staff on a central coffee and tea budget.

Medewerkerskaart - for individual use

If your department doesn't have a central budget, you can buy a medewerkerskaart (individual staff card). This will allow you to buy drinks from all coffee machines against a fixed price, namely €0.27. This card is useful for staff who want to benefit from the lower staff rates and don't have an afdelingskaart or whose department doesn't have machines that can issue free drinks. Teachers especially will find this card useful. After all, it also works on all students' machines.

The medewerkerskaart costs €27.00 to buy (plus €2.00 deposit) and consequently has a balance of 100 drinks.

How to order

Both cards can be ordered via the respective online order forms.

More information:

Last Modified: 11-01-2013