Binding and finishing

You can have your document folded, stapled, glued or inserted into a ring binder. Read more about the possibilities.

Ring binders

The plastic ring binder is the best known way of finishing off your document. With this method, the document will be enclosed in a white or black plastic ring binder, or a metal spiral binder will be affixed to the side of the document. This will keep all the sheets of the document together and is also easy to open.

Plastic ring binder   Per binding
6-10 mm  € 1,0250
11-15 mm  € 1,5375
16-22 mm  € 1,7938
23-40 mm  € 2,0500
> 40 mm  On request 
Metal spiral binder  On request

Thermal binding

Thermal binding is a more professional way of finishing off your document. With this method, a strip is glued to the spine of the document to hold the pages together. A thermal binding automatically presses the spine together, however thick the document may be. Thermal binding is suitable for a range of other types of binding, such as strip binding, binding with wrap-around covers, tear-off notepads and hard covers.

This finishing method is very popular among students; it is an attractive solution for a thesis or report.

Thermic binding   Per binding
Small, 3-125 pages € 1.5375 
Medium, 125-250 pages € 2.0500
Large, 251-500 pages  € 2.5625

Folding and stapling, cutting to size

This finishing method is suitable for making A5 and A4 booklets. The inner pages are folded and the leaves held together with two staples along the spine. The front of the document will be trimmed to make sure the sides are in line. It is also possible to fold the pages, but not to use staples.

Please bear in mind the thickness of the document in question; the maximum number of pages is 72.

Folding and stapling Per book
Folding and stapling along the spine € 0.1561 
Stapling (1 staple top left, up to 70 sheets)    € 0.0416 
Gluing wrap-around cover manually € 1.5125 
Gluing wrap-around cover with machine € 1.0430

Gluing wrap-around cover

With a wrap-around cover, a good quality jacket is glued around the inner pages. This method is commonly used for readers. You should bear in mind the thickness of the document. The content cannot be more than 3 cm thick, which is approximately 300 A4 sheets of standard paper.   
For advice on covers, folding and stapling, please contact one of our Copy & Print shops, who will be pleased to help you.

Last Modified: 21-12-2015