FAQ photocopying machines

You can find a large number of answers to frequently asked questions here.

Where can I turn with questions or to report an error?

Where you can turn with questions or to report an error is indicated on the front of each multifunctional.

Is it possible to set the multifunctional to Dutch?

No, that is not possible.

What should I do if the multifunctional doesn't print properly? The printed document includes odd characters and has a poor layout.

You may still be using the old multifunctional driver. Remove the old multifunctional and add the new multifunctional.


I have sent a job to the multifunctional but it won't appear. What should I do?

You may still be using the old multifunctional driver. Remove the old multifunctional and add the new multifunctional.

Also check that the selected printer queue corresponds to the queue indicated on the multifunctional.

I sent the printing job to the multifunctional, but now it is giving the error message 'Load paper' and an orange light is flashing. What should I do?

The multifunctional cannot find the right kind of paper. Tap the button with a picture of an eye on it, on the top left of the touchscreen. The multifunctional will now give you several options for the paper type. Tap the correct paper format, then tap 'OK'. The job will now be printed.

Tip: To prevent this error showing again, the paper format in the relevant application(s) and the drawer settings should be checked.

This often goes wrong when printing from MS Word for example, because the page settings in the Word document override your settings in the printer driver! For more information about MS Word settings, see Microsoft support site

I want to print in colour, but the multifunctional is set as standard to black/white. What should I do?

The standard settings of the multifunctional are: Double-sided A4 printing in black/white. To change this on a one-off basis, take the following steps, in Word for example:

‘File’ ->‘Print’ ->‘Printer settings’ -> ‘Color mode’ -> Choose the desired colour mode.

You can also make these changes in Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Reader, etc.

Is it possible to apply new standard settings for the multifunctional to my account?

Yes, it is possible to change the standard settings. Take the following steps: 

-> ‘Devices and Printer’ -> Right mouse click on the multifunctional of your choice -> ‘Preferred settings for printing’ -> Choose for the profile of your choice under 'Profile' or change the other settings.

You can always change the new standard settings in the same way.

I want to print in a format other than the standard A4 and A3 formats. How do I do that?

Drawers 2 and 3 of the multifunctional are set as standard for normal A4 paper and drawer 4 for standard A3 paper. If you want to print on special A4 paper, such as letterhead, use drawer 1. You can change these settings permanently or on a one-off basis. Take the following steps to change the standard settings:

-> ‘Devices and Printer’ -> Right mouse click on the preferred multifunctional ->  ‘Preferred settings for printing’ -> Paper source -> Drawer 1

Special paper types, such as labels or thicker paper, are printed using the manual feed. In that case, choose 'Multifunctional feed' under 'Paper source'


To make one-off changes, change the settings from a program such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc., by taking the following steps:

‘File’ -> ‘Print’ -> ‘Printer settings’ -> ‘Paper source’

How can I print securely?

Secure printing is a function whereby a printing job is sent to the multifunctional in combination with a PIN. Only the holder of the PIN can print the job at the relevant multifunctional. To print the job, enter the PIN into the multifunctional.


The multifunctional is printing a large job but I want to quickly photocopy one or two pages. Do I have to wait until the printing job has finished?

No, during a printing job there is an 'Interrupt' button at the bottom left of the operation panel. Tap this button to interrupt the printing job to photocopy a document. The printing job will resume automatically once you have finished photocopying.

Tip : remove your photocopies quickly once they have been produced to avoid them getting caught up in the printing job.

I am trying to photocopy a book, but the photocopies aren't coming out of the multifunctional properly. What can I do?

Lie the book on the document glass -> Tap 'Copy' on the operating panel -> Then choose A3 as the paper format. The multifunctional will scan in everything on the document glass, then print it on A3 format paper.

If the book is smaller or larger than A4, line up the long side with the left side of the document glass.

How do I add my e-mail address to the local address book of the multifunctional?

See the manual: scan to e-mail

How can I remove e-mail addresses from the local address book of the multifunctional?

Go to the 'Scan' function of the multifunctional. This will take you to the local address book of the multifunctional -> ‘Register/Edit’ -> Select the e-mail address to be deleted -> ‘Delete’ -> ‘Yes’ -> ‘Close’.

You see an orange light blinking and the message “Load paper” appears

Press the button with the eye on the left hand side of the screen and select the right paper size (A4 or A3).

Last Modified: 04-10-2016