Design and DTP

Graphic Products has excellent layout specialists and modern layout equipment so that your invitations, advertisements, notepads, brochures, dissertations, etc. can be prepared professionally for the printer, internet or copy shop. Knowledge of the rules on University house style is guaranteed. You can also contact Graphic Products for advice on the layout of your documents.

Would you like a special design for your documents? Please make an appointment with Graphic Products. If you supply material which has to be designed, please bear in mind the tips on how to submit your documents.

Prices and delivery times

For folders and brochures, almanacs and other printing work the delivery time is roughly ten working days. For all printing work which falls outside the house style, individual estimates will be provided per assignment. For other prices, please see below:

Order costs  
Standard order costs (intake, start-up and administration costs) € 22.50
DTP design hours, per hour € 65.00
DTP simple design € 35.00
DTP design-modification work (existing models/forms) € 45.00
Lay-out text per AF page € 7.00
Lay-out text per A4 page € 9.00
Lay-out text with illustrations/photos per A5 page € 9.00
Lay-out text with illustrations/photos per page A4 € 13.50
Scanning and editing black/white per scan A4 € 11.50
Scanning and editing black/white per scan A3 € 21.00
Scanning and editing colour per scan A6 € 27.00
Editing in Illustrator or Photoshop per hour € 45,00
Price per CD supplied € 7.00
Proof black/white per A4 € 0.25
Proof black/white per A3 € 0.50

Prices are provisional.

Last Modified: 31-05-2010