House style - headed paper, envelopes etc.

Leiden University operates a house style for publications, websites, letters, faxes, etc.

Characteristics of the house style include the logo of the University (the seal with Universiteit Leiden either below it or beside it), the house colour is blue (colour type PMS 280) and the letter type is Minion.

Much of the print work carried out Graphic Products has to comply with the University house style. Our staff can advise you about what is and is not possible. University headed paper, envelopes and business cards are common products that can be supplied in line with house style at a set, low cost. We will be happy to provide an estimate for supplying other types of print work. Please contact us for more information.  

Would you like to know more about house style or internal and external communications? Further information can be found at

Headed paper

Headed paper without address imprint* 500 sheets € 25.80
Headed paper with address imprint* 500 sheets € 42.85
* Using the house style macro you can have address information included in the printing of the University’s standard headed paper. You do not need to have the address information embossed. The house style macro allows you to maintain different profiles, which means you are able to use different sender details. Use of the house style guarantees that your letter will conform exactly to the University house style. Refer to your network administrator for the house style macro for Word.


When ordering envelopes, it is useful to include an example, particularly if you are not sure of the precise format. All envelopes are provided with a code, in the lower left-hand corner. If you quote this code on your order, you do not need to include an example.

C5 envelopes with window (229 x 162 mm)  
Per 500 € 51.45
Per 1000 € 85.70
C5 envelopes without window (229 x 162 mm)  
Per 500 € 49.25
Per 1000 € 83.58
EB5 envelopes without window (262 x 185 mm)  
Per 500 € 78.20
Per 1000 € 126.43
EC4 envelopes without window (340 x 240 mm)  
Per 500 € 78.20
Per 1000 € 143.55
EB4 envelopes without window (262 x 371 mm)  
Per 500 € 155.35
Per 1000 € 294.61

House style for recruitement purposes

When writing and producing (information) brochures, it is important that these are in line with one another. If your department or institute is planning to produce a brochure, you can approach the Graphic Products department for any questions or advice.  

What else do we produce in house style?

  • Business cards
  • Note pads
  • With Compliments slips
  • Exam paper
  • Certificate paper
  • Invitations
  • Grade lists
  • House style covers A4 / A5

Last Modified: 31-05-2010